Tibb elmləri doktoru, Professor

Dr. Yunis Yusubov

Doctor of Medical Sciences, Professor Yunus was born in 1942 Amiraslan Yusubov.
He graduated from Azerbaijan Medical Institute in 1964. Improvement of the Kiev Institute of Medicine in 1972 and was accepted for postgraduate studies at the department of surgical dentistry. In 1975 he defended his thesis in Medical Sciences, Kiev Medical Institute, worked as an assistant in the department of surgical dentistry. After completing his doctoral thesis in 1988 in Kiev, on a competitive basis in 1989 and was appointed professor in the department of surgical stomatology of the Azerbaijan Medical University.
Professor Yunus Amiraslan Yusubov more than 300 scientific works, including two books, three books, a monograph (co-author), 23 inventions, 15 methodic recommendations and methodic works. He has participated in many international conferences and congresses (1997-2012-2013-2014 Turkey, Iran, 2008-2010, Italy in 2008 and Spain 2013). Since 1999, the International Association of Maxillo-Facial Surgery, since 1997 the Dental Association Council and head of the department of surgical dentistry.
For the first time in 1996 and published in the Azerbaijani language textbook on surgical dentistry. Professor YA Yusubova maxillofacial surgery practice by taking a number of new patents are widely used in the original surgical procedures.