Tibb elmləri doktoru, Professor

Dr. Yunis Yusubov


Anadangəlmə dodaq və damaq yarıqları

According to the II World Congress on congenital facial clefts (Munich, 2000) in the world today, approximately 700 children are born with this pathology olurAzərbaycanda cleft lip and palate in one of every 750 children born in the years of edilir19982008 observation by Professor Usubov 550 with cleft lip and palate children who have been operating. Each side of the defects of children born to parents received information about this pathology, parents are depression, leads to the conflict between father and mother, and it leads to the destruction of the family, and sometimes parents refuse children. Infants with feeding problems arise in connection with this pathology. For the first time, these children must be under the supervision of pediatrician. The child must be explained to the mother of the food is normal procedure. The essence of this patalogiyanın Pediatırlar, treatment and rehabilitation stage should provide detailed information about the cycle of parents. Valideyinlərdə properly informed in the future of the child in family, society formation in normal confidence. Violation of speech and food intake in children born with cleft palate is marked. Depending on the type and condition of the child's somatic yarıqlarının lip, these children could be operational in 2-3 months. Children with cleft palate surgical əmməliyyatı 8 months to 2 years of age is advisable. In this age of the child during the above normal speech palate formed after the operation.